The Memphis Grizzlies currently have a uniform contract with Adidas. We have 7 basketball uniforms in our database for the Memphis Grizzlies and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


Though the Grizzlies have only been around since 2001, Memphis went through a massive re-branding in 2004 when the franchise’s teal, red and brown colors were scrapped for navy, powder and gold.

Prior to 2004, the Grizzlies donned white uniforms at home with teal and red trim with “MEMPHIS” across the chest. On the road, the uniform of choice was black with teal and red accents with a large logo on the right knee.

Instead of teal, piping on home uniforms is now a shimmery powder blue officially called “B.B. King” blue by the franchise. It’s one of three blue shades mixed into Memphis’ gameday apparel. On the road, the Grizzlies have two updated options — all navy with powder accents and all-powder with navy and gold accents.

The powder blue alternates with a “MEMPHIS” wordmark and gold piping made their debut in 2009. In 2007, Memphis debuted a special all-navy road mix with gold and red accents for the NBA’s Europe Live Tour in Spain. At the crest of all of the Grizzlies’ jerseys a miniature primary logo of a bear’s head can be seen wrapped in gold.

The franchise’s secondary logo, a bearclaw clutching a gold basketball, has been around since the team’s inception and adorns the neckline just above the nameplate. Prior to the team’s move to Memphis is 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies donned an all-teal uniform with red accents on the road, the only one of its kind in the NBA. The Grizzlies kept the teal, though muted, during their first four seasons in Memphis.