The Iowa State Cyclones currently have a uniform contract with Nike. We have 13 basketball uniforms in our database for the Iowa State Cyclones and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


Iowa State switched to its current Nike uniform design in 2009 when a handful of swoosh innovators made the trip from Beaverton, Oregon to Ames to “personally measure and size each player” for their uniform.

Current uniforms include white, red and gold options with similar piping and side panels on each. From the front, Iowa State’s Nike threads appear simplistic without much expression but when the Cyclones blow past opponents, backs of uniforms reveal contrasting stripes from shoulder to shorts and a wide contrasting stripe that begins at the ribcage.

In 2011, the Cyclones dropped white accents from gold road uniform wordmarks for a simpler look. During the Adidas era in the early 2000s, Iowa State’s uniforms featured touches of black and an “IOWA STATE” wordmark that looked more appropriate for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Cyclones’ road reds under the three stripes contract had gold accents with a diamond pattern on the armpits and collar with a black wordmark trimmed in gold.

On the program’s latest uniforms, the friendly ISU “spinning cardinal” primary logo has been replaced with a classic “I STATE” graphic, a unique throwback look Iowa State’s athletic department transitioned to in 2008.

In the past before the uniform craze, Iowa State’s red and gold was a prime example of how the correct color scheme could go a long way in determining the appeal of a program’s uniforms.