The Louisville Cardinals currently have a uniform contract with Adidas. We have 24 basketball uniforms in our database for the Louisville Cardinals and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.



Adidas saw dollar signs at the 2013 Final Four in Atlanta when two of its top schools, Michigan and Louisville, ‘rose to the occasion’ and reached the national championship game.

Borrowing from a collection of styles over the last decade, the three stripes’ current Cardinal uniforms include a white, red and black set with the program’s classic stylized “LOUISVILLE” wordmark splashed across each look.

In recent years, Adidas has incorporated an infrared bright shade of red into Louisville’s uniforms making them more noticeable and vibrant on the floor while also eliminating wide shoulder stripes for more edgy, modern piping.

One of six Adidas schools to don the company’s “Adizero” alternates during the 2013 postseason, Louisville’s garb may have been the most appealing. The Cardinals’ zig-zag patterned shorts include multiple shades of red while jerseys welcomed the addition of short sleeves. Baylor and UCLA also donned the sleeved jerseys.

The Cardinals released updated red road uniforms in 2013 that included numerals and wordmarks in black instead of white. Current home shorts no longer have alternating red and black stripes on both sides with a tiny “Mean Cardinal” logo at the knee.

Instead, shorts feature a red slanted stripe on the left and a black slanted stripe on the right that each wraps from the waist to the front of the knee. Beside each winding stripe is a light, checkerboard fade that evaporates on the back of the shorts.

Louisville’s primary logo has been blown up and is now more visible than ever in the middle of the side panel.