The LSU Tigers currently have a uniform contract with Nike. We have 7 basketball uniforms in our database for the LSU Tigers and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


LSU’s current look is simplistic with very few stripes and contrasting piping.

Like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Tigers often wear their gold uniforms at home and white threads with a purple “LSU” wordmark and numerals wrapped in gold as an alternate. Shorts feature a triangular pattern at the knee that reveals a large tiger graphic at the bottom.

LSU has two Nike uniform options on the road — purple with gold accents or gold with purple accents. Each set has white outlines and thick lettering. At the jersey crest of each gameday option, an “LSU” wordmark in purple is included in a silver circle.

LSU’s current set isn’t much different than what the Tigers sported in the early 1990s when Shaquille O’Neal ruled Baton Rouge. The current, modernized tiger head logo does appear much more intimidating than the child-like Tiger with a tail that adorned LSU’s shorts during that era.

In the late 90s when Stromile Swift joined the fray, LSU’s uniforms featured rectangular-paneled sides and a collar and armpits that included a continuing “LSU” graphic that wrapped around the uniform.

During the Tigers’ 2006 Final Four run, LSU’s Nike uniforms were classic with striped necklines and armpits and a tiger logo at the crest. Instead of the current tiger head graphic at the knee, LSU’s “TIGERS” wordmark stretched horizontally across the side of shorts.