The NC State Wolfpack currently have a uniform contract with Adidas. We have 13 basketball uniforms in our database for the NC State Wolfpack and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.



N.C. State has always preferred a traditional look on the court, but the Wolfpack’s longtime partnership with Adidas has allowed for alterations in recent years that includes the incorporation of black as a third color and several different uniform styles.

In 2012, the Wolfpack revealed their latest mesh uniforms, adding the school’s primary “BLOCK NCS” logo to the S in the wordmark “STATE” across the chest. On each shoulder, an embossed wolf howling from a stone is a nice touch but a detail that gets lost since it’s the same color as the jersey’s primary shade.

The Wolfpack unveiled two different black alternates with red accents in 2013, one at Duke and the other in Chapel Hill. In Durham, the team’s “STATE” wordmark and numerals were black outlined in red and white.

At UNC, numerals were red. N.C. State’s best recent alternate was a Jim Valvano-inspired throwback from the 1983 national championship season. The uniform’s coolest feature was a nylon graphic that trickled down the neckline on each side to replicate cutting down the nets.

On nameplates, Jimmy V’s inspirational phrase “DON’T EVER GIVE UP” could be seen. As one of Adidas’ elite, the Wolfpack also donned a one-tone red jersey in 2013 with red numerals and a red “STATE” wordmark outlined in white.

Prior to the NCAA Tournament that same season, N.C. State declined Adidas’ vibrant “Adizero” March Madness get up that featured camouflage shorts and iridescent numerals. The uniforms would’ve steered too far away from the classic red and white N.C. State prefers on the floor.