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Founded in 1919, Champion is HanesBrands’ second largest company specializing in clothing and sportswear which was once a leading supplier in professional sports.

Like most companies that peaked early before Nike entered the fray, Champion’s stock dwindled around the time Notre Dame dropped the stylized “C” in 2001 after signing a five-year licensing and apparel agreement with Adidas. The three stripes connection ended what was a 50-year partnership between Champion and the Fighting Irish.

The previous year at the turn of the century, Champion saw its reign as the NBA’s and NFL’s official supplier end. Champion’s most famous era was the early 1990s when it outfitted the Dream Team in the Summer Olympics. The company outfitted numerous college hoops and football teams during the 1980s and 90s, but has now been relegated to bras, shirts, shorts and socks at local sporting goods stores.

In 2012, Champion attempted to gain ground in a smaller market, debuting its “C9” line at Target. Effectively-priced workout wear is some of the megastore’s best-selling apparel. Champion’s line includes men’s and women’s “activewear” featuring tops, bottoms, base layers and sneakers.

Champion’s “C9” line has incorporated social media into its marketing pitch, asking consumers to join its Instagram and Pinterest communities to celebrate victory — and drive interest.

With its current headquarters in Winston-Salem, N.C., Champion sponsors five international basketball teams and the US lacrosse team. Other brands owned by HanesBrand Inc. include Playtex, Wonderbra and Outer Banks among several others.