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Chuck Taylors.

We’ve all owned a pair of the rubber soled gems — ala the $34.99 special — at some point in our lives.

They’ve been around for nearly a century.

Converse, a subsidiary of Nike, unveiled its iconic high-top canvas kicks in 1917 but didn’t receive their famous signature All-Star patch on the side panel until 15 years later when Charles “Chuck” Taylor promoted the kicks in the U.S. The sneaker’s most memorable moment came on March 2, 1962 when Wilt Chamberlain notched his record-setting 100-point game while playing with the Philadelphia Warriors.

In the mid 1990s, Converse outfitted numerous college programs including the University of Kentucky’s basketball team. The company used the Wildcats — a national power with more air time than most — as an outlet for debuting new styles and trends. Shorts were no longer monotone, instead featuring cat-scratch waves. During Kentucky’s 1996 national championship season, Converse made a statement with denim alternates, moving away from the Wildcats’ royal blue in favor of a dark jean hue.

For decades, Converse owned the footwear market before a competitor surge from Adidas, Puma and superbeast Nike weakened its monopoly. The results were crippling. Converse lost its deal with the NBA, suffered market share setbacks and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

New partners picked Converse off the ground over the next two years, providing enough stability to make the company enticing enough for Nike to snag a $305 million purchase in 2003. The brand remains non-existent however in today’s NBA without a single player signed through an endorsement. Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem was the company’s last player donning the Converse Weapon High in recent years. He switched to China-based Li Ning along in 2012.

Converse unleashed its retro Jack Purcell Collection in June 2013 in an effort to re-energize sneaker sales with premium products at economical price points for the consumer. The jewel of the collection is the Purcell Duck Boot, a winter-ready premium leather high top sneaker priced under $90. Other kicks include the Purcell Camo Print, Purcell LP Salt-Washed and the Purcell LP Wash Check among several others.