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Reebok, an African term for a type of antelope or gazelle, got its name in 1958 when two grandsons of founder Joe William Foster stumbled upon the word in a dictionary. Foster did the heavy lifting for the successful sneaker and apparel giant, founding J.W. Foster and Sons – the original company – in 1895.

The company catered to male athletes for nearly 100 years before unveiling its first sneaker exclusively for women in 1982 – the Freestyle. The women’s sneaker caused a surge in sales and helped Reebok establish itself as a chief competitor to Nike and Adidas.

Reebok’s major exclusive deal came in 2002 after signing a 10-year partnership with the NFL for $250 million. The company had exclusive rights to jerseys, sideline apparel and caps and on-field footwear of teams. While Nike dominates the NFL market at this junction with a recent mega-deal, Reebok’s still endorses some of professional football’s biggest stars including the Manning brothers.

From a basketball perspective, Allen Iverson was to Reebok in the late 1990s-early 2000s as LeBron James is to Nike from a current marketing standpoint. Iverson’s “Question” and “Answer” signature kicks were Reebok’s top-selling basketball sneakers at the time.

In 2003, Reebok branched out into the music industry and signed Jay-Z to a sneaker deal. Jay-Z’s S. Carter Collection was Reebok’s fastest-selling shoe in the company’s history. Around that same time, Reebok shortened its brand name to RBK on men’s apparel and sneakers in an edgy attempt to reach a younger, more hip generation.

In recent years, Reebok unveiled its ZigTech footwear line along with a partnership CrossFit, an innovative fitness movement that eliminates the complexities of a crowded gym. Similar to Nike’s Shox technology in the early 2000s, the ZigTech sole gives athletes a soft and springy ride during play. Reebok’s top NBA player, John Wall, debuted the ZigSlash signature sneaker during the 2011-12 season.

Reebok took another page from the swoosh’s playbook in 2013 with retro releases that made for instant success. The Shaqnosis – Shaquille O’Neal’s former signature sneaker – was a hot commodity among shoe connoisseurs in an industry dominated by Nike and Jordan Brand. Reebok’s classic suede and canvas makeups that have been around for decades are still appealing.

Reebok was UK-based until 1979 when a U.S. sporting goods distributor convinced a sale to North America. Reebok’s headquarters is in Canton, Massachusetts.