The Buffalo Bulls currently have a uniform contract with Nike. We have 12 football uniforms in our database for the Buffalo Bulls and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


Buffalo is one of the elite few non-BCS programs that was recently invited into the Pro Combat realm by Nike in 2011. The lightweight, performance monster uniforms are arguably the nicest in the Mid-American Conference and a huge upgrade from what the Bulls donned previously under the swoosh.

“BUFFALO” appears across each jersey option — electric blue or white — and a “BULLS” graphic stretches down the right leg of pants — white, blue or black. The threads resemble Nike’s current template with the Detroit Lions, but have additional black side panels under the arms that stretch to the waist.

Three-color sublimated numbers with the swoosh’s “Blacksburg” font set off the jerseys. Buffalo’s defining look in the new design is its alternate blue top-black pants model at home. A white stripe on Buffalo’s blue pants begins mid-thigh and ends at the knee.

Since 2001, the Bulls have donned blue shells with white facemasks on gamedays.

Before the 2011 redesign, the Bulls’ Nike template was like other non-BCS programs — simple with accented piping. The Bulls often went monochrome all-blue at home and all-white on the road. In 2006, Buffalo’s interlocking “UB” primary logo made its first appearance. For two decades prior, white shells were worn.