The Georgia State Panthers currently have a uniform contract with Adidas. We have 3 football uniforms in our database for the Georgia State Panthers and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


Royal blue on white with a muted logo.

What did you expect for a program that’s only been around a handful of seasons?

Georgia State’s current Nike threads are generic and not much different than the Panthers’ Adidas gear when the program played its first season in 2010. The Panthers wear blue tops with white accents at home and white tops with the inverse away from Atlanta.

Georgia State’s royal blue shells with white facemasks and “GSU” graphics look great under the lights inside the Georgia Dome, but are rather simple anywhere else. On the front of the homes blues, “PANTHERS” stretches across the numbers in team-specific type. “GEORGIA STATE” is the wordmark of choice on the white style.

On each jersey, twin contrasting stripes line the sleeves. For their third season with the swoosh in 2013, the Panthers are expected to unveil a new uniform design in July complete with the addition of blue pants and a secondary helmet logo.

Perhaps first-year coach Trent Miles, the replacement for football program architect Bill Curry, can incorporate more red into Georgia State’s on-field look since it’s a secondary color in most logo and apparel designs. The Panthers could really use another option other than blue and white on gamedays and like most innovative uniform makeovers, would help in the recruiting department.