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  • SEASON: 2014

In South Florida, football is played with a sense of speed and style that transcends the field of play. The University of Miami Hurricanes have become more than a team — they embody the soul of Miami and have defined the culture of the sport.

The new Hurricane uniform design reflects the vibrant, bold style of the city — from the beach to the architecture to the people. Steeped in tradition, the new aesthetic is anchored by the familiar orange and green colors, as well as the iconic split-U logo. Modern accents have been added in order to harness the team’s early cutting-edge style both on and off the field in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

The white jersey and pant combination is accented with green at the shoulder, and serves as the foundation of the away look. The white uniform is also capped with a matching white and silver helmet. The University of Miami football team calls this the “Stormtrooper” uniform design.

Miami Hurricanes football uniforms
Miami Hurricanes football uniforms
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