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Released at an event on Wednesday night, July 24, these new Miami Ohio uniforms include cutting-edge developments in apparel technology from adidas. The Redhawks are celebrating their 125th season this year. Miami University Athletics Director David Sayler said “Our new uniform uses the latest technology and cutting-edge graphics to give our football program a powerful new look and claim the name Miami. While the design pays tribute to our proud heritage, it is a bold look into our future.”

“Today we welcome a new change in uniform that is sharp, while still maintaining Love and Honor to all the Miami Football student-athletes of the past, as we ‘Stand As ONE’ both Redskins and RedHawks,” said Miami Football Head Coach Don Treadwell. “In today’s college football landscape, due to the opportunity of TV exposure, your team uniforms can minimize or maximize your first impression even before the clock starts the official game. Our team can’t wait to wear the new adidas uniform and represent Miami Football with our new look.”

The new Miami wordmark is prominently displayed on the shoulders of the football jersey and back of the helmet, expanding beyond the traditional “M” logo. Weaving the past with the present, a feather design on the helmet and in the numbers celebrates Miami’s rich traditions while looking to the future. Accenting the traditional Red and White colors, a chrome coloring is incorporated to highlight elements of the design to produce a vibrant look. adidas gave Miami the custom treatment with original numerals based on the MIAMI wordmark font and an aggressive RedHawk feather print that appears within the numbers and on the helmet. The helmet features an all-over feather print on red metallic chrome, with a metallic chrome silver MIAMI decal across the back and the beveled “M” on the front. The pants have a large metallic chrome silver beveled “M” logo.

Feathers in the jersey are symbolic of Miami’s past and present, weaving the story of this institution’s relationship with the Miami Indian Tribe, who lived in Southwest Ohio. Much like Miami University’s name derived from the region, the RedHawk nickname also holds significance. The nickname RedHawks is believed to be based upon the red-tailed hawk, which is indigenous to Ohio. The tail of the hawk is a brick-red color, and red brick is a prominent fixture on the Miami University campus. This feature fully embraces and incorporates Miami’s nickname identity, pulling the rich tradition of the University and athletics into the future.

Miami used chrome coloring as part of its jerseys at one point, and, recently had it incorporated into the beak of the RedHawk. The chrome incorporated here positions Miami in an edgy, less traditional way, but embraces the bright future of Miami University and Miami University Athletics.

The RedHawks’ new adidas TECHFIT uniform celebrates Miami with a bold new style. Traditional RedHawks colors and logos are amped up to create a faster and edgier look. The MIAMI wordmark on the shoulders claims the name Miami in brilliant university red highlighted with metallic chrome silver. Additional unique Miami details that will go onto the final version of the uniform like the “LOVE AND HONOR” statement inside the jersey neckband and the state of Ohio patch centered on the upper back strive to create emotional connections for the player and alumni alike. When this team lines up, they will send a clear message that We ARE Miami.

Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
Miami Ohio Redhawks football uniforms
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