The Toledo Rockets currently have a uniform contract with Under Armour. We have 13 football uniforms in our database for the Toledo Rockets and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


When Under Armour unveiled its inaugural threads at Toledo in 2010, the reaction was unanimous: The Rockets have uniforms that command respect.

Monochrome white-based road threads and a unique all-midnight navy road get up was the first to be revealed. Each style is trimmed with gold piping and features a stylized “TOLEDO” wordmark across the jersey with bubble-like numbers. Recently, the Rockets brought an all-gray alternate — West Virginia-esque — in a prime-time matchup with Cincinnati.

Toledo’s pants are double-striped with contrasting colors and there are currently white and navy options.

In 2012, the Rockets donned several different matte helmets including a yellow shell for the first time in program history. Toledo’s current primary navy helmets look great without shine, defined by the rocket logo on one side and player numerals on the other.

There’s also an interlocking “UT” decal that has reappeared on shells for the first time since 1972.

Toledo’s currently the only midwestern program wearing Under Armour. Prior to striking a deal with Kevin Plank and the Maryland-based brand, the Rockets were outfitted on the gridiron by Russell Athletic. Heavy stripes, drop-shadowed numbers and a lot of piping on its gameday apparel categorized that era for the Rockets.