The Wisconsin Badgers currently have a uniform contract with Adidas. We have 7 football uniforms in our database for the Wisconsin Badgers and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


The Badgers have worn the recognizable “W” on their helmets since 1969 and even though uniforms have seen minor changes during that span, Wisconsin’s red and white scheme and its image remain one of the Big Ten’s most classic looks.

In 1988, Wisconsin dropped the circle around the “W” for a simpler look. In 1991, the “W” was given a slant and widened to its current size. During a recent Rose Bowl against Oregon, the Badgers incorporated a “rose petal” design within the helmet logo.

In 2012 against Nebraska, Wisconsin unveiled its Adidas TechFit “Unrivaled” uniform. As opposed to some edgy, perhaps over-the-top new age designs, the three stripes get up for the Badgers came in a classic look – an all-white uniform with red shoulders and accents set off by a bright red shell with a white “W” decal.

A block “W” sat across the chest to replace numerals and commemorated the 1962 Big Ten Championship team. A two-tone baselayer – white shirt with red sleeves – created a seamless look connecting the shoulders to the arms down to the matching gloves.

The “Unrivaled” get up marked the first time Wisconsin wore a red helmet on gameday since 1969. Replacing names on the backs of jerseys was a “Badgers” wordmark for a more unified feel. Wisconsin had a unique graphic it used on red shells from 1967-69, a Badger with a white sweater that has reappeared in a throwback sense in recent years.

Before Adidas, Reebok then Nike outfitted Wisconsin football. The Badgers’ current contract with the three stripes expires in 2016. Despite donning several different apparel giant logos over the last two decades, Wisconsin’s classic red and white look on gameday hasn’t changed. Home uniforms remain red tops-white numerals-white pants with contrasting striping.