The Baltimore Ravens currently have a uniform contract with Nike. We have 12 football uniforms in our database for the Baltimore Ravens and are working to add more to Uniform Critics. Feel free to contact us with any uniform designs for this team that we may be missing.


Inspired by “The Raven”, a famous poem written by Baltimore native Edgar Allan Poe, it’s no surprise the city’s professional sports franchise utilizes deep purple and black — hues reserved for the horror genre — in its color scheme.

Established in 1996, the Ravens have one of the cleanest looks in the AFC, an intimidating six-combination assortment on gamedays. Baltimore’s black alternate jersey, now the franchise’s preferred home choice, debuted in 2004 in a monochrome fashion after the team donned purple and white styles since inception.

Five years earlier, the Ravens ditched their “B” shield logo with a “RAVENS” wordmark and wings for a sleeker, Ravenhead graphic. The black shell with a purple, gold and white graphic as well as a purple “talon stripe” from the facemask to the crown has been in place since. Purple home jerseys with white numerals and pants have been in place since the start, but the Ravens now have the option of going all-black or black on white at home.

Since 2010, Baltimore has even gone with the alternate purple on black look, a get up that separates the Ravens from the rest of the AFC North in terms of color-match supremacy. Baltimore’s shield helmet logo that was dropped after the 2008 season is still in place on sleeves and a “B” design has been added to pants.

The Ravens’ black pants do not have stripes, but Baltimore’s white home and road look has featured purple and black stripes since inception.