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Welcome to the best blog on sports uniforms. Updated daily by Skye Tilson of @UniformSwag, this blog highlights the most interesting features of sports uniforms that have swag. You’ll find swag from every sport and can rate each entry and leave your feedback on the style and design in the comments section. If you see any uniform swag in sports that deserves to be highlighted here, feel free to send Skye Tilson a tweet with a photo of the uniform feature.

The articles above are the most recently published articles. Below are the most viewed swag for each sport featured on the #UniSwag blog over the past month. Click one of the articles for more information and to leave comments and rate the swag.


The #UniSwag Blog on Uniform Critics is dedicated to pointing out the interesting features on sports uniforms. If you see something about a sports uniform that has swag, leave us a comment about it below or shoot @UniformSwag a tweet.