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For the 2006 game against Alabama, Florida wore a throwback jersey style from the mid 1960’s as a part of the 100-year celebration of Florida Gators Football.

It was the same uniform which Steve Spurrier wore when he played for UF in the late 60s. Although a new look for most fans: the white helmet and blue, nameless jerseys held a unique appeal. Some fans were outraged before the game and thought it would give the Gators a “Throwback Uni Curse” against a strong Alabama team. For most of the first half, that certainly appeared to be the case as the Gators struggled to gain yardage against the Crimson Tide. However, the Gators rebounded in the second half and the uniforms are officially off the hook after the Gators finished the game beating Alabama 28 to 13.

“They were worn to honor an era of Florida football that was a very successful time,” said Norm Carlson, UF’s assistant athletic director/historian, who has been working for the athletic association for more than 40 years.

Although the Gator uniforms have changed considerably over the years, the look of the Gators has been somewhat consistent since the ’70s. The orange helmet was adopted by coach Ray Graves in 1968 and featured an interlocking UF symbol until Charley Pell introduced the script Gators logo in 1979, his first season as coach. The script was modeled after the New York Giants’ helmets, Carlson says.

“In the ’60s, the helmets changed a lot,” Carlson recalls. “We wore various colors - orange, blue and white. Pell was a new coach looking for something to signify a new era was beginning and it’s been popular ever since.”

Many people remember the Gators’ first championship season in 1984 by the orange jerseys that team wore. Under Steve Spurrier, however, the Gators never wore orange. They later broke them out under Ron Zook and have worn them a few times since then.

“Steve Spurrier didn’t dislike orange, but he was just more comfortable with blue,” Carlson says. “He liked a more traditional white pants and blue jerseys. Which is what the teams wore when he played here in the ’60s. It’s kind of in the sentiment around here that they like to keep it traditional.”

So who decides what the players will wear in a game? In some games in the early 2000’s, the Gators have worn blue pants with white jerseys. Other times they have worn orange pants with white jerseys, sometimes blue pants with blue jerseys, sometimes white pants and white jerseys - all with little apparent rhyme or reason. Carlson says the choice of uniform colors is typically the result of a mix of opinions from the equipment department, the athletic director, the coach and, of course, the players.

“The coach needs to feel that his players are comfortable and think it’s neat what they are wearing,” Carlson explains.

The SEC makes some of the decision for its members - it requires that teams wear their darker color at home (LSU, which always wears white jerseys at home, was granted the lone exemption, as long as the visiting team agrees). Thus Gator fans are used to seeing Florida in blue jerseys at The Swamp. Superstition can play a role as well. If the team wins a big game in a certain uniform, it may stick with that color scheme for a while.

Florida Gators football uniforms
Florida Gators football uniforms
Florida Gators football uniforms
Florida Gators football uniforms
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